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Remodelación SDM 72

This project consists of the complete renovation of a 1960's apartment in the Vitacura district. The original building, designed by architect Gustavo Kreft, proposes a solution based on terraces around its perimeter, considering the privileged views to the north, south and west, towards Cerro Manquehue, Cerro San Cristobal and Cerro San Luis, respectively. Today, due to the growth of the city and the construction of high-speed highways near the building, it seems reasonable to add the exterior areas of the apartment to the interior space, taking advantage of the views and the strategic location of the tower as the end of Vitacura Avenue from east to west.

Arquitectura: OF Arquitectos (Francisco Cepeda + Alvaro Ramirez)

Año Proyecto: 2017

Superficie Construida: 160 m2

Ubicación: Vitacura, Santiago.


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