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Casa Errazuriz Cooper

The idea arises as a result of the analysis and references of the place, the storage warehouses that make up the country environment. Based on this premise, the house is conceived as a unitary and continuous volume, which in turn opens or closes to the different situations of the context, orientation and views.

The materiality of the house is solved in wood, both in its structure and in its envelope. This aged-looking shell is the result of recycling old wineries demolished around Pucón, in southern Chile. These planks are reused like a new country house dress, which seems to have always been in place.

Associate architects: Alvaro Ramirez / Francisco Cepeda / Alberto Moletto / Paula Velasco.

Collaborating architect: Nicolas Cabargas

Project Year: 2011

Construction Year: 2011

Land Surface: 1600 m2

Built Surface: 200 m2

Client: Clemente Errazuriz

Location: Buin, RM, Chile

Estimate: Alex Popp

Construction: David Morales

Photography: Marcos Mendizabal


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