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Viña San Pedro VSPT

The fitting out of the new offices for Viña San Pedro Tarapaca covers an extension of 2,600 m2, spread over three levels of the CCU building, located on Avenida Vitacura. The proposal consisted of intervening the existing cores with a wooden cladding -reminiscent of the barrels used for wine aging-. This small intervention provides identity, warmth, and also proposes a new way of organizing and navigating the space around these objects. The central core houses the Wine Bar area, a flexible space that functions for meetings, private tastings and corporate events.

Arquitectos asociados: Amalia Frugone + Cristobal Noguera + Francisco Cepeda

Año Proyecto: 2013

Año Construcción: 2014-2015

Superficie proyectada: 1.600 m2

Ubicación: Edificio CCU.

Constructora: DELCO

Proyecto de Iluminación: Opendark

Interiorismo WineBar: Carvallo+Silva

Fotografías: Nicolas Stutzin


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